Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another list and some advice

1: The friendly receptionist at the doctor's (I arrived an hour early due to bus times and Rob's dental appointment and she fitted me in to a cancellation slot)

2: Christmas is coming!

3: Rob had an extra day off this week

4: That my stiff neck is almost better

5:Cheese on toast for lunch

I was cleaning the shower this morning when this song popped into my head.  Good advice for everyone.


A Lady's Life said...

oh my I haven't heard this one in a long time!!! Great!

A Lady's Life said...

Hope you feel better soon.

Elisa said...

Haha, what a funny song. We enjoyed it. Hope you are better!

Dirty Butter said...

Not your neck!! I've decided we ARE twins!!

Anji said...

A lady's Life: It was good to hear it again!

Elisa: thanks

DB: Yes and there might be more coincidences!