Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday evening we took some time off and decided to watch a film/movie. Nothing too demanding and nothing that we could fall asleep to, so we chose Knowing (‘Predictions’ in French). A time capsule is buried by school children in 1959 to be opened in 2009. One of the papers buried contains sequences of numbers which of course falls in to the hands of Nicholas Cage who is capable of deciphering them and trying to do something about it. We did stay awake, but we thought that there were a couple of weak points, like the first number just happened to be 9.11 and how did he know that the car that crashed was the one that she (The leading lady) had stolen? Other than that a good film if you’re looking for something not too challenging on the brain cells.

Rob and I had a conversation this morning. In all of these kind of films at the announcement of impending doom, everyone starts running around looting. Do you think that’s what you’d be doing if you knew that the earth was going to blow up within the next few hours?

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Me on the radio

With the help of Dom, who fixed me up with a skype account on her beautiful little computer, I made my debut as a radio interviewee this afternoon. This will hopefully be the first of many interviews for Radio ExposeYourblog! of members about their blogs and why they blog. The interview will be repeated several times during the coming week. Don is also pleased to have obtained even more music for everyone to listen to. If you have requests, ideas or would like to be interviewed yourself, visit the forum and click on the Radio ExposeYourBlog! Section.

You don’t need to be logged in to listen, just choose a link:

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I write like...

I found this on Micah Charlson’s blog, I thought the result was pretty good!

I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I tried it with several different pieces that I’ve written and got several answers, this was the one that came up twice.