Thursday, June 24, 2010

Which chick flic ?

Every summer on Thursday evenings there are Night Watchman’s tours of La Rochelle. Members of the public are taken around the town by the night watchman visiting various venues from different epochs where little scenes from history are acted out. When we went several years ago the tour finished in the bunker built by the Germans as their head quarters in the town. This week it’s Rob’s turn to work during the evening, opening up the St. Nicolas tower for the actors to change in and checking the public’s tickets.

As I’m on my own I’ve decided to watch a DVD which I will choose and no moaning from anyone else. On Monday Unchained Melody was played on the radio station used by the supermarket I was in at the time. I do love that song especially the Righteous Brother’s version used in the film Ghost. There is a Wikipedia page on the song and I’ve discovered that it was born in 1955, which doesn’t surprise me at all as all the best people were born in 1955!! In was written for a film about prison ; ‘Unchained’. I discovered that Bing Crosby sang it too, though it doesn’t quite have the same power as the version used in Ghost.

Ghost is on my list, Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, Forrest Gump, Pretty Woman, North by Northwest or perhaps Spellbound. Which to watch? If I’m not careful Rob will be home before I’ve decided.

To save you from having to look it up.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Peace and solitude

I found this on the back of a postcard written in 1909:

« Imaginez au pied de l’abbaye au milieu du bois, une rivière qui roule ses eaux torrentueuses parmi les rocs, et dites s’il existe un séjour plus solitaire et plus pittoresque. J’y resterai, je pense, quelques temps »

“Imagine at the foot of the Abbey within the woods, a river that runs with torrentuous waters amongst the rocks, and tell me if there exists anywhere more solitary and more picturesque. I’ll stay I think, for some time.”

This is where they were talking about, the Abbey at La-Pierre-qui-Vire.