Friday, February 27, 2009

A friend in need

One of Olivier’s friends is very shy and stutters quite a lot. He has been bullied by his older sister for most of his life. This week he and Olivier discovered that she had created a Facebook account in his name and was chatting to people using it, goodness knows what she was saying on his behalf. The friend was quite upset about this, so when she went out leaving her computer on Olivier changed her password. He came home to eat and dashed back to his friends in order to be there when she came home as he knew that his friend wouldn’t be able to cope with her temper. (Parents had gone away for a few days)

She went berserk and started to insult Olivier. He just walked out on her so she chased him down the road and eventually calmed down enough to ask nicely for her password. Olivier was highly amused at her insult which really showed her true character. ‘All you ever think about is helping your friends’

That’s my boy!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

BlogExplosion: Time for action

A letter has been composed for everyone to send out to the company that owns Blogexplosion on 20th February, you can copy the letter from here.

Or you might prefer to go here for more instructions and access to a rich text format of the letter. I think anyone outside the US would probably like to send their letters a little earlier. The addresses are supplied. Just pick who you would like to address your letter to.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t compose your own letter if you want to. Please be polite. A lot of effort has gone into this project by people who care about the blogging community. If you belong to BlogExplosion, please help.

And yes, you will be seeing this post on all of my blogs

Thanks to thewatchlist, MJTaylor Spicybugz, bokonon, kelson, SelinaKimsey, sightlydrunk, bluegrassBloggo, McSpazz, lando411 and others I have surely missed for keeping the forums looking like forums. A special thanks to thewatchlist and MJTaylor who have put in all of the work for the letter.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech is very hard to define; everyone is okay with it – until someone says something that perhaps doesn’t quite fit. It’s important to be able to say what we want, worship how we want, have access to the information we want, go where we choose, live our lives in the way we want. If we agree with free speech have we got the right to prevent someone from saying things we know to be wrong?

I remember there was a book with the lines, that I can’t quote exactly and I can’t find online, so if you know them please put me straight:

“This is a free country, you can't stop me. This is a free country, I can try.”

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Things Russian

A bit of a Russian post today. At the moment I’m rereading ‘We the Living’ by Ayn (rhymes with mine) Rand. I recommend it. I haven’t read ‘The Fountainhead’ yet.

This is a postcard illustrating part of the poem ‘The Demon’ by a Russian poet, Michael Lermontov. I was struck by the movement of the painting by
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Vrubel. The unused postcard is Russian, from the Tretyakov State Gallery, Moscow dated 1965. How did it get to France? Someone had collected several cards of paintings by Vrubel and one or two other artists. The Vrubel cards were the only ones translated into Western European languages. I found the part of the poem the painting represents quite easily:

“Two figures - then a shot - ahead
What was it? Rising in his stirrups
Cramming his high hat on his brow
The gallant lover, at the gallop,
Plunged like a hawk upon his foe!
No word he spoke, his whip cracked once
And once blazed forth his Turkish gun....
Another shot. Wild cries. The Prince
Goes thundering on. The groans behind
Long echoes in the valley find....
Not long the fight. Of timorous mind,
The Georgians turn and run!”

Here is the complete poem if you’ve got a few minutes to spare (You'll have to scroll down a bit).

There is still a packet of Russian soup in the cupboard – perhaps not…