Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wah Wah

Turn up the volume !! Get out the air guitar (or even a real one if you’ve got one)

George is still my favourite Beatle.

I had a lot of problems getting hold of the boxed set of the Concert for Bangladesh when it came out. A lot of shops didn’t stock it because there was no profit to be made from it – it all went to help the people who badly needed it. US$ 243,418.51 was raised.

Hands up if you’ve still got the boxed set


Donna said...

Hi Anji! Thought you'd given up on me!Lol
Thanks for the tip about Google! I'll pass it along to Kathryn!
Have a great week!

Anji said...

Donna: Good to see you again!

A Lady's Life said...

I also liked George .Too bad he died.
In this video he is so skinny.
No I do not have the boxed set.

Marie said...

I did not realize that about the boxed set. How sad. How infuriating. There should be a law mandating .10 from every CD sold goes for Third World relief. Just ten cents. That would raise a fortune. But people are so greedy, that will never happen.

(Loved the Concert for Bangladesh, but must confess Sir Paul is my favorite!)

Anji said...

A Lady's life: He was skinny, wasn't he?

Marie: It would raise a lot of money, perhaps they could include a percentage from downloads too? Sir Paul's daughter bought the farm next to the farm where I grew up. Pity we moved out 20 years before...

octobia said...

George has always been my favorite, too.

Have you seen "A Concert for George" -- it was a tribute one the first anniversary of his death, put on by his family and friends... marvelous music and such an outpouring of love for a very special, lovely man.

Anji said...

Octobia: I haven't seen the whole concert. Have you seen how like him his son is?