Friday, September 23, 2011

Up the Junction

Back to 1979 we go and a lot of memories. In 1973 I went on my first course in London. As I was underage I stayed at a retired bank employee’s house in Streatham with another girl from Barclays. To get to Teddington every morning, we had to change trains at Clapham Junction. We were both from the sticks and managed not to get too lost. Yesteday, I turned on Radio 4 to a program about how the song Up the Junction came to be written. It’s available to listen to for one week only. Here are the lyrics too.

Is the stuffed dog still on display there?

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A Lady's Life said...

Aw. well that seems to always happen when kids or people do things they are not ready for.The babies always lose and Mom's have to move on. Sad for the men too who lose their families because of pressure and possibly immaturity. Nice song.