Sunday, November 30, 2008


Part 1
When I was 6 I was given a copy of Eloise which was by Kay Thompson and illustrated by Hilary Knight, for Christmas. I learnt new words like adore, absolutely, unique. I ‘adore’ that book and I’ve even used it to teach English. I was really pleased to see Eloise take a cameo role in ‘You’ve got mail’. I also discovered that there is a website when I was checking up this afternoon

Part 2
Fast forward a few years and I’m a great fan of Barry Ryan’s Eloise. Recently the children introduced me to Deezer so I’ve been busy making play lists and of course I’ve got a Ryan brother’s list. I also rediscovered ‘the Hunt’ which my best friend gave to me for my 14th birthday. I remember my party so well. I even invited a boy but he didn’t turn up. Spending the afternoon with 10 overexcited 13/14 year old girls was just to much for him. Hard boiled eggs cut in half seemed to be my idea of sophistication I remember…

He recently appeared on French TV (which I missed). He’s 60 now and his voice has not changed at all!


Josephine said...

He has a great voice :-) It's amazing how voices just don't age eh?

Anji said...

Jo: I love his stuff though the accapela is a bit wierd. I don't think that Colin Blunstone's voice has aged so well - 'sigh'