Friday, January 9, 2009

A question or two

What do you do when you’ve finished reading a book? Do you give it away, throw it, sell it or keep it to read again at a future date? I hoard mine and some I’ve reread several times. I also own a few (but not many) books I haven’t read yet. I don’t like lending books because they might not come back.

Have you ever read a book at different times of your life just to see how your point of view shifts? An interesting exercise, try it.

Which was the most disappointing book you ever read?


chandni said...

Good lord! go read my latest post!

I LOVE owning books as much as I love reading them!

Donna said...

If they're paperbacks, I trade them in on new ones...hardback, I keep!!
I don't ever really remember having a bad read...I've been shocked a time or two and thrown the book out in the trash...hahahaa...Happy reading sweetie!hughugs

Anji said...

Chandni: Great minds think alike! (and at the same time, it seems)

Donna: happy reading! I was shocked once by a book... that's given me an idea for another post.

Dru Marland said...

If I really like them I hold on to them closely, though not so closely that I don't lend them out... which is how I suddenly realised that Mervyn Peake's "Letters From A Lost Uncle" was no longer on my shelves last week when I wanted to let young K read it. And now I can't remember who borrowed it. Damn damn damn.

EuroYank said...

I read books ONLINE and after I finish they stay where they are!

CarolineMathieson said...

I love books too and have far too many of them for my flat. When I sold everything to go on sabbatical a few years back, the books and music were the only things I kept.

I can read a book more than once and in fact years back (i'm 50 soon) I decided to read The Lord Of The Rings every year. It generally takes me about a month to read.

I tend to have half a dozen books on the go at any time, all with little place holders in them. The place holder in the past being any suitable piece of paper I could find, including loo paper!

My partner now provides an endless supply of place holders from the libraries she visits.

I prefer hardbacks too as they feel so much better in the hands when reading in the bath or bed....

alan said...

My wife thinks I have far too many...I know I have far too many I haven't read yet!

I read several years ago a suggestion that every man should read "Don Quixote" three times in his life, once as a youth, once in middle-age and once in his dotage. Never having gotten to it in my youth, in my 40's it was quite a treat and also very enlightening. I look forward to reading it again in another 10 years or so to see how much "we" have changed!

Jeanette Winterson I can't read and re-read enough times...

The only books I've lent through the years all failed to find their way home, so I have gotten out of that habit!


Chandira said...

Keeeeeeeeeeppp!!! Throwing away books should be a capital offense.

Nikola said...

I love books! I usually just keep them and then lend them to friends.

Plus, I have some that I'll need to read in the near future.

Great blog, I'm totally bookmarking it!