Friday, January 21, 2011

Punch January 5, 1884

I still see the people I know in the village who gave me a pile of books a few years ago. This week there was a knock at the door and I was presented with Punch’s Almanac for 1884. A collection of the Punches published in that year. It’s in very good condition, even though the cover and spine have been repaired. I thought I’d share it with you from time to time. I’ve always loved Punch. When I was at school I was in a class where the teacher supplied us with copies if Punch to read during the registration period. In those days Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew were frequent victims of the satirists pen.

Today we have two ladies discussing church:

“My Husband is Vicar of St. Boniface – but I don’t attend his Church”
“Indeed! How is that?”
“The fact is, I – I don’t approve of Married Clergymen!”


Graham said...

It really was a different world, wasn't it?

connieemeraldeyes said...

That was nice of them to give you that. They really drew the cover good.

JamieDedes said...

Too darling. Thanks for posting! :-) Good morning smile.

A Lady's Life said...

Punch was a good magazine I never read it much though. That was a funny vicar joke. lol
I think she didnt want to be a sister
which is what she would have been as a vicars

Caroline said...

I disapprove of religious instruction at school and instead read Punch. It took the teacher until four weeks before the end of the year to discover what I was up to and threatened something worse than Armageddon if I didn't provide a years work in the next few weeks. Clearly there was not much communication between the teachers and he did not know that I had been given the last three weeks off school to visit family in Canada.

The next year they got their head of physics to teach us religion and I was stuck in a desk on the front row so couldn't read the magazine so instead spent the whole of the first three months constantly debating with scientific questions anything quoted from the Bible. I quite enjoyed it until he exploded realising that most of the others were reading magazine's.

I always felt that my existence was proof of the non existence of God.

Kath Lockett said...

I love it!

My father used to collect old Punch mags when I was a child and some of them were hilarious, some not so. In the eighties, Punch invited readers to recaption their old cartoons and we used to laugh so hard at the entries we'd have tears rolling down our faces.

Anji said...

Graham: It certainly was.

Connie: That's not the cover, just one of the hundreds of cartoons inside.

Jamie: ;)

A Lady's Life: yes, it's sad that they closed it down.

Caroline: I'm not sure what the children did in room 19 (where they were sent if they wouldn't go to assembly). it was the music room, so they probably played the piano.

Kath: I wish I'd seen those. I used to read in the ... ahem, 60s.

Courier said...

I have seen this on a wall in Australia! Crazy!

Anji said...

Courier: That is amazing - now you know where it originated!