Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If I don’t tell someone I’ll burst.

Dom phoned a few minutes ago, she’s been talking with her main professor (I don’t know what you would call him in English). If her project continues as it is and if she gets the right results, he’d like her to accompany him to Chicago next summer to present her work at a conference. She’s only a 4th year student! She tells me she worries about not being good enough and there are so many things she doesn’t know. They wouldn’t want her to go off to the states if they didn’t think she was good enough.

As you can imagine I’m bursting with pride, I’ve already put in an order for my copy of the Chicago Sun Times.


Jo said...

Woo woo!!! Go Dom!! What a Big Proud Mum Moment indeed!

She is good enough...she wouldn't have been asked if she wasn't!

How VERY exciting :-) (try not to burst!)


Dru Marland said...

Great news, and congrats! Katie worried for ages that people wouldn't take her artwork seriously because of her age... as I said, "If it's good, people will want it." Same same, eh?

Donna said...

How Wonderful!!! Congratulations are in order for All that hard Work!!!hughugs

caroline said...

So there are returns for all that suffering you have to put in to get them to this stage!

Congratulations to all three.

Caroline xx

alan said...

That's fantastic news!

I'm so happy for you both!


Tummy Rumble said...

dropped by =)

Anji said...

Josephine: Thank you, I've told her that they don't give oppertunities to people that they don't think are good enough. They are psychologists after all.

Dru: Exactly. Katie has talent, most are just good at it.

Donna: I'll pass on the hugs!

Caroline: It does make all of the hard work worthwhile...

Alan: thank you

Tummy: Thank you for dropping by.