Friday, May 29, 2009

Question for passing Canadians

Just over 20 years ago I watched a Canadian production of a book, serialised for television. The story was about a young woman who had moved to a remote village in the forest as a school teacher. She fell in love ( There was a very erotic dream sequence with him rising naked from the water!! ) with a young man of the region and they married. Times were hard and children kept being born so the husband wanted to move to the city to find better paying work. She didn’t want to go. I remember she took her son to school and the teacher said that she’d put him with younger children because children from the country are slower. She knew that her son was exceptionally intelligent, she was a teacher after all. There was a lot of unhappiness. Then for some reason they were back in the forest. The husband was drinking heavily and there was snow everywhere so she set off to get help as she was about to give birth. She gave birth to a baby girl alone in the snow. The baby was called Blanche.

I seem to remember that Blanche died and she became depressed. I can’t remember the end of the story or any of the character’s names besides Blanche. I do remember that certain scenes were in the French dialect of the region, which I adored, though there were subtitles too. The French authorities didn’t like this idea much and the later episodes were dubbed into ‘proper’ French. Any ideas as to which book I’m thinking about. Does anyone remember the TV dramatisation? I’d love to find the book and read it.


Donna said...

Follow this link to 1970's Canadian programming...You might find the series!!
Hope it helps!

Copy and paste it in the address bar...

Dru Marland said...

I like the idea of Questions For Passing Canadians.

Is the cry of the Loon still heard on Lake Magaguadavic?

Is it true that the Mountie always gets his man?

How many buffalo passed this way?

Anji said...

Donna: Thanks for the link - I haven't found it yet but it's been fun remembering Cannonball and some of the real oldies!

Dru: If they didn't have anything to do this weekend they've got plenty of ideas now. I often wondered about the mounties; why were their hats such a funny shape?

A Lady's Life said...

I asked a friend from Quebec and will let you know if she remembers this story.
I don't but it sounds like a book I'd like to read as well.
Thanks for asking :)

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Anji said...

A Ladys Life: I still haven't found it, when I do I'll let everyone know

Rohit: You're very kind.

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