Friday, September 26, 2008

The Changeover

I found magnetic coloured letters the other day in the bottom of a vase,
Hurriedly tidied away one lunch time long ago.
A few weeks before; a box of paints -
“Don’t open those today, use up the old ones”
Never used.

Today my son reaches things down from a high shelf or lifts a heavy bag,
My daughter passes orange juice to me in one of her glasses

When did it change over?


Donna said... just "happens" doesn't it!! Happy weekend sweetie!hughugs

Anji said...

Donna: It certainly does - and fast! You have a good weekend too.

Josephine said...

Elegaic Anji. Beautiful.

I don't know when it changes.

I used to come home from work to my eldest when she was three. We'd have a bath together. Then I would put her to bed, and she would look up at me, all tucked up, and say...

"What you did do today Daddy?".

It was our ritual.

And I would tell her.

And then I'd say...

"What you did do today?"

And she'd never be able to remember.

When you are three, a day lasts a long time.

Precious memories eh?

Anji said...

Three is a lovely age, they can use words and say the most amazing things. I looked up Elegaic as I didn't know it. Thank you for the great complement!

alan said...

In the blink of an eye, I think...

Last summer I planned my summer "model change" downtime to strip and re-roof my garage. I had thought I could do it in 4 days by myself...

It was the two boys who learned to ride their bicycles in my basement that were the only reason it was finished.

This last week I had to dig up the sewer line from my house; though I got it done, by the time the plumber was finished and it was time to backfill things, it was the younger of the two who pulled up after finishing work for the day to help.

I never dreamed!


Anji said...

Alan: and they started off so small! It's good that they help.