Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time for some music

I’m listening to Nancy Sinatra ‘Lightning’s Girl’ at the moment. Would you believe that Dom passed it to me? All the oldies and goodies are there besides ‘These boots are made for Walking’ ‘You only Live Twice and my two favourites ‘Some Velvet Morning’ and ‘Summer Wine’ with Lee Hazelwood. His voice goes right down deep into the pit of my stomach.

The other day I was checking my archives for something and came across a game I played a year or so back:

1. Go to your CD rack/shelf/room.
2. Select the 13th CD from the end of your collection
3. What's the 5th track?
4. List it on your blog, with a story of why you purchased this CD.
5. Link back to me - if you wish.

Nick Drake, a collection of songs I made myself, so it’s Northern Sky. Northern sky goes back to 1970. I thought he was so romantic then and I still do today. I rediscovered his music thanks to the internet. Nick died in November 1974, imagine what music he’d be creating today with a full lifetime’s experience behind him?


Peter (Worldman): said...

on point 2 of your list, I would embarrassed. Whether is it positio 1, 15, 39 or 65, it would be a CD of Woody Herman.

alan said...

Were I Peter I wouldn't be embarrassed at all!

My discs are scattered through 2 rooms, having outgrown their cabinet long ago. They ranged from Louis Armstrong's "Hot Five/Seven" recordings from the mid 20's through Paula Cole...

Downstairs is a cabinet full of LP's that range from Louis Armstrong with King Oliver, before he was "on his own" through James Taylor, the Eagles, and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

In another cabinet are 10 inch wax '78 rpm discs, most were my Dad's, some I collected in the early 70's. They range from the "Original Dixieland Jazz Band" recording of "Tiger Rag" from 1918 through Doris Day with Les Brown in the late 40's...

Of course, I still have some 8-track tapes running around and a lot of cassettes as well!



Anji said...

Peter: I enjoy listening to the music you post on your blog.

Alan: 78s - I had some but my little brother jumped on them and they broke!

I think that you two would enjoy each other's blogs.