Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Down the Tube V

How do you measure time when there is no day or night? Sleep is not reliable. Everyone has had nights which last forever and nights where it’s morning almost as soon as your head hits the pillow. I remember reading somewhere that if you are deprived of day and night your body adapts to a 21 hour cycle. How many of those have I had by now?

I did wonder about using hunger to measure time. I’m not even sure that I’m fed at regular intervals. I started to exercise doing what gymnastics I could think of. I try to sing to give me some rhythm to work to. If I’m being observed I must make a comical site


alan said...

Magical...I can describe this no other way!


Donna said...

Anji??? What's wrong??? Are you alright???

Anji said...

Alan: I hope you've been following the rest of this one, it doesn't make much sense on its own.

Donna: I see that the end is in site, I will escape - don't worry!