Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bob Dylan paints as well.

Some paintings and what RollingStone says.

I was interested to see the comments about whether anyone would take notice of his paintings if he wasn’t so famous. I was listening to a radio programme today about originality and by coincidence the same idea came up. If you have a painting by Anon it might be quite interesting but worth nothing. If you then discover that Anon was no other than say – Leonardo da Vinci – the value of the painting will zoom up by millions of euros. Yet the painting is still the same.

Chances are that Mr. Dylan is like a lot of us and just enjoys getting lost in painting.


alan said...

Pierce Brosnan has done some things I think are nice as well...


Anji said...

Alan: On one of the sites I looked at there was quite a list including Joni Mitchell, who has done some amazing paintings.

Donna said...

And Tony Curtis!hughugs

alan said...

Joni is as much painter now as musician; I would love to have attended the exhibit of her work in Canada not long ago!


Dawtch said...

I think some of them are pretty good, and some are just so-so, much like any regular non-painting-as-a-primary-focus persons would be. It is funny to me that they are considered high-value, because of the artist, even though he is a musician rather than a painter...did that make any sense..?

Anji said...

Donna: I forgot him (How could I?)

Alan: Another Joni fan I see.

Dawtch: I'm afraid his paintings would fetch a lot if he sold them. let's hope he sells them for a good cause! It is a bit sad when you think of those with talent struggling for recognition.