Monday, May 12, 2008

More about me

I know I’ve done this elsewhere recently but I got tagged again by Dawtch and she’s a witch so I thought I’d better do something about it. These are 6 more things about me

1. I’ve always had a soft spot for Albrecht Dürer.(sorry it’s the French page but the paintings are what you should be looking at) I discovered that the retired lady who comes for conversation is an admirer of his too. We giggle like school girls at the thought of him. Did you know that people thought that he had a magic paint brush just for painting hair?

2. My granddad is my spirit guide. A few years ago I had an incredible dream about him being pleased to see me. Then about a year ago I followed an exercise to meet my spirit guide – and he was there! I should have known all along. All I have to do now is remember to ask him for help!

3. This is turning into a very spiritual ‘about me’. I can’t pray. I was very concerned about this until I heard Karen Armstrong speaking on the radio. Not being able to pray had caused her problems as a nun – if I remember rightly. Then I understood what was going on with me. However when my dad was dying I prayed - I felt that I was wrapped in a cocoon of blue light and warmth. A long way from gabbling The Lord’s Prayer before going to sleep in case something dreadful happened in the night!

4. I live in La Rochelle and grew up in Worcestershire not far from Worcester. La Rochelle is a town which belonged to Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was Queen of France and then Queen of England. One of her sons, John (Lackland – who lost the crown jewels in the Wash), is buried in Worcester cathedral. I always feel that I’m ‘meant’ to be here because of that coincidence

5. I never expected in a hundred years that I would have a daughter. I cried my eyes out when Dom was born (between her two brothers)

6. I talk to bees and any other insects who will listen and they usually do. This is an excellent method for getting them out of the house; just ask them firmly to go outside (don’t shout at them) and point in the direction of the open window or door. Most creepy crawlies would rather be outside anyway so are happy to oblige. In his book ‘Bring Out The Magic In Your Mind’, Al Koran wrote about Lady Muriel Dowding (founder of Beauty without Cruelty) asking the mice to leave when they infested her home – they did

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Donna said...

How Wonderful!! Another Spiritual bud!! Isn't it wonderful?!! I was always so fearful of death, life and a lot of things in more!! A butterfly landed on my arm Saturday morning, early, and we just had the best old visit!!LOL...Hugshugs!!!

Dawtch said...

Wow Anji, sounds to me like you have a bit 'o the witch in you! Thanks for sharing all that stuffs :) The "blue light" sounds a lot like the protective shield I've woven around my son.
As for preying (which ever God or Goddess you are praying to) it's just talking - granted the person you're talking to has some awesome powers, but it seems that most powerful people, and beings, that are truly worth worshipping, aren't looking for someone to fall down insensate in front of them, but rather someone who would treat them as an equal...I hope that makes sense *grin*

Anji said...

Donna: I seem to be drawn to like minded people at the moment.

Dawtch: This was deeper than talking...

Worldman said...

Here too, I am happy that you are on my list.

Anji said...

Peter: Thanks again!

alan said...

Though we've only just met, I think I'm developing a soft spot for you...

Thank you for being so kind, caring and thoughtful, along with beautiful inside and out!

Would that the world had more people like you!


Anji said...

Alan: your comment made me blush - you're too kind!

Josephine said...

Fascinating stuff honey. I too did an exercise to try and find my spirit guide once...

An Eleanor of Aquitaine has always been a personal heroine (ever since Katherine Hepburn played her in 'The Lion in Winter'!!). Remember going to Fontevraud Abbey where she is buried - near the beautiful town of Chinon, a few years ago.

Anji said...

Jo: Did you get a result?

I read a book on Eleanor of Aquitaine when I was a school which made an impression on me too. She was an incredible woman for her time. Chinon is a town I very much want to visit. We have some lovely postcards of Chinon, it's also where there is an important auction for us a couple of times a year. So far we've only bid there by correspondance.

Dawtch said...

If you are a fan of Eleanor of Aquitaine, you would probably enjoy what is one of my favorite book series' The first is "When Christ & His Saints Slept" and the next is "Time & Chance" both by Sharon Kay Penman - Good stuffs!

Anji said...

Dawtch: Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look those out.

LittleO said...

I'm glad I got to read this and learn more about you. :) I was also glad to see that we have similar taste in things other than postcards (Wuthering Heights, for example).

I also wanted to say that I have the same thoughts about how boys should be raised--I'm seventeen, but I am so scared that I'll have a son when I'm older and that I won't be able to raise him correctly!

<3 o.

Anji said...

LittleO: I don't think you'll have any problems raising boys, you seem to have the right ideas about respect and so on. I think that it's important to remember that we do need to teach these values. They don't come automatically