Friday, March 3, 2017

The story that was never written

This morning I was in the shower when a great opening line came to me. I was really proud of myself as I knew that from this one sentence a story could develop.  I made a mental note to write it down as soon as I could.

 Here I am, 6 hours later. I have just remembered that I’ve completely forgotten the words that came to me. The greatest short story ever written has disappeared forever.


Coline said...

I remember how great blog posts would compose themselves during the day but when I sat down at the machine my mind went blank. All the magical phrases previously moulded never transposed themselves to type.

Long ago a group of us used to meet for lunch in a city cafe and put the world to right with witty remarks but the doorway to that cafe must have had a memory erasing mechanism because I often ask a friend what we had spoken about and neither of us could remember.

Anji said...

Coline: All of those words and posts that were never published... unimaginable! I love the idea of the doorway to a cafe having an effect on the memories of people that passed through.