Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Book of Eli

Last Night I finally watched ‘The Book of Eli’. It was a little bit bloody for my taste, but I did enjoy it and didn’t fall asleep once. I was delighted to hear Reverend Al Green singing ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?’, which must be one of the saddest songs of all time. It got me thinking about how lonely it would feel if the world was wrecked by an apolyptical event.

Denzel Washington is a great actor and, as always, Gary Oldman is the perfect baddie!


A Lady's Life said...

I like the movie and yes I too would not like to see an apocalyptic event.
The Bible did say people were going to get weaker and things like North Korean threats do not help. Blowing up bombs under water do not help. Wasn't it in the North of England people were getting sick and then they vacuumed the dust in peoples homes and found out nuclear stuff was blowing in from the ocean, where kids were also swimming?

Now Dah! What are we not understanding?

Cherelynn said...

I too really liked the story and message of the movie, along with the soundtrack and acting. True, it was a bit bloody and probably could have done without so much gore! Still like it though!

Anji said...

A Lady's Life: We do seem to be set on self destruction...

Cherelynn: There was no blood in the old movies - they just keeled over clutching wherever they were injured - Those were the days!