Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to be happy

I watched a TV programme about happiness the other evening.  It was interesting viewing, complete with psychologist to explain how it all works.  Did you realise that if you are happy you live longer?

First define happiness;  I can't answer that.  I am happy in my life, but I suppose my lifestyle would drive some people nuts.  I work from home so I'm alone most days.  I love it!

The psychologist said that researchers took a pile of American baseball player cards from the 50s.  They sorted them into three piles.  Ones that didn't smile, ones that gave a social smile and ones that really smiled with their whole faces.  Guess which ones lived the longest?

They told us that if you write down 5 things once a week that you are grateful for and get into the habit of doing this, you will start to sleep better and be generally healthier than people who don't.  Being in a state of gratitude also protects you from agression.

learn to notice and capture the little things in life.  You might think that the happiest people are the ones that win the lottery, they aren't

Five things in my life that I'm grateful for this week

1. The realisation that most of the things they mentioned in the programme about happiness I was already practising.
2. Living in such a beautiful place
3. Closing the shutters the other evening just as the moon was starting to rise.  It was a really beautiful site.
4. being able to listen to music while I'm working.
5. My family

Have you got 5 things to be grateful for this week?


A Lady's Life said...

Every day I wake up to a new day is a biggy,
But the news is quite upsetting and you always wonder what tomorrow brings.

Linda said...

Sometimes we need this type of information to just slap us upside the head. Thanks for the reminder.

Anji said...

A lady's Life: Yes, the news is often upsetting, but perhaps we can all do our part to make life happier for those around us. then the effect will ripple outwards. Who knows?

Linda: you're very welcome