Monday, September 6, 2010

Art is Truth

This afternoon I collected my new glasses. The frames are black and inside the right arm is written “Art is Truth”. I didn’t notice it when I was choosing them, but it’s the kind of detail I like.

I haven’t managed to find who or where the quote is from. Is it the same as ‘The camera never lies”?


Caroline said...

Cameras do nothing but lie especially the electric ones we have these days. Ever time I try a self portrait I get a picture of this strange old lady! She has wrinkles!

Caroline xxx

Anji said...

Caroline: I have the same problem when I put my glasses on!

A Lady's Life said...

So much can be done with cameras.
They tell the truth as well as they tell lies.
They play with optical illusions :)
I little bit softer and the wrinkles fade lol

Graham said...

Hi Anji. Inside the arm of my specs it says 'MISSION COLLECTION 1432'. I wish it had something so poetic and profound as 'Art is Truth'. Or even 'Look forward'.

Rhetoric Camel said...

Just out of curiosity, since me and my girlfriend were just discussing what people consider to be true art. Anyway, I came across this quote. I liked it and thought I'd share it with you.

The arts have sculpted the modern world from past to future, broken barriers, evoked change and has been defined insurmountably, but ultimately art is truth. Art is when the truth of one man is presented and becomes relevant to another. (Sam Householder)

Dru Marland said...

Don't recognise it as a quote, but for me it resonates with Keats' Ode on a Grecian Urn -

'Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.'

I've been struggling to find some decent frames since I inadvertently destroyed my nice specs last week. Poo.

Reviewer11 said...

Cool, I didn't know you can have glasses engraved on them. :)

KZ said...

My guess is that the "Art is Truth" expression is just a simple truism that we'll never be able to attribute to a single person. Even so, that engraving is a cool little thing to hold close to you, like a personal talisman to remind you of what's important.

Anji said...

Would you belive it, I answered all of your comments and my words disappeared into the black hole of cyberspace. When I saw the quote I knew that I'd made the right choice.

Thank you all

Chris Nash said...

There's a quote by Heidegger that is something like this. "Art is truth setting itself to work."

I have no idea what it means. Philosophers!

Anji said...

Chris: That's why it's called philosophy