Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Bridges of Madison County

Back in 1995 I heard about the film being released and thought to myself ‘I must see that’. Last night I finally go to see it. It was worth the wait and I really enjoyed the bridges, the country side, the era and the relationship between the photographer and a lonely housewife. Rob enjoyed it too, though I didn’t really expect him to. He was quite thoughtful afterwards and asked me what I got up to when he went away on courses in the past. I reminded him that I had three small children to look after at the time. It reminded me that when he was away we used to put a chair in front of the front door at night. The idea being that if anyone tried to get into the house they’d knock over the chair and wake us up. We all slept better for it.

Most of my boyfriends before I met Rob were well travelled or had lived abroad, Rob had lived in Sweden and France before I met him. There must be something about travelling men….


caroline said...

Anji, that post almost wrote itself!

I saw it when I had my emotions locked down and enjoyed it, just watched it again but with a bucket of tears and it was much better!

Caroline xxx

Cullen said...

I've not seen that yet but it's high on my too see Eastwood, love Streep.


Donna said...

I loved the movie! And yes, I cried as well!!Hahaaa

Jo said...

It's a lovely movie, and soooo weepy and romantic

Anji said...

I must confess I didn't cry, though my heart was in my mouth when she nearly jumped out of the car towards the end.

Caroline: It's good to be able to cry sometimes

Cullen: I don't rate Clint Eastwood that much but Meryl streep has always been a favourite.

Donna: I'm lloking forwards to seeing it again in the future

Josephine: I always enjoy a bit of romance - but it usually comes in the film form!