Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Or OuLiPo if you want to be pedantic. Was a gathering of French speaking writers founded in 1960. Radio 4 had a program about them last week. The idea is that you impose constraints on your writing which provides inspiration for new ideas. That’s what I understand anyway. I rather like the idea of a lipogram, that is to say, trying to write a paragraph, essay, poem or even a book omitting the use of a letter. How about ‘e’? Looks like a good excuse to pick the synonym finder up from the floor and start rooting for new words…

I’ll try to dash off a chain of words without using ‘e’s. Not bad so far, but now I’m short of inspiration, I want aid in this almighty task… My synonym book is so commodious for this work. How long, I ask my mind can I carry on, until I go mad…..aaaaghhhhh.

Now it’s your turn (I did it again [and again])


caroline said...

Did someone not write a whole book without using the letter "e"?

Hurts my head thinking about it.

Caroline xx

Donna said...

I think I have a headache as Well!Hahaa...happy night sweetie!hughugs

Anji said...

Caroline: They did and it was translated into English without the letter "A", if I remember rightly.

Donna: I have to keep my readers on their toes!

caroline said...

Now my head really hurts thinking about that!

Caroline XX

Anji said...

Caroline: I await your post with no "e"s