Thursday, October 22, 2009

Raymond Bergevin - Still looking

I was checking my visitor statistics the other morning as usual, when I saw that I’d had a visitor from France looking at my post on Raymond Bergevin. ‘Gosh’, I thought, ‘fame at last’. When I told Rob about it he laughed – it was him. At first he didn’t realise that it was my blog, he only knows about the other two. It didn’t even click when he saw that I was writing about someone called Rob. In fact he though that the post was very well written and was pleased when he finally realised it was me.


caroline said...


This is new, laughing And Coughing Out Loud!

Caroline xx

Anil P said...

Serendipity :-)

Donna said...

HAHAHAHAhahaaaa...OhMyWord!! Good one Girl!hughugs

Anji said...

Caroline: LOL. Hope it clears up soon.

Anji P: Indeed. And there are not too many Anji's with a 'j' around!

Donna: Glad you enjoyed it.