Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I’ll never be a woman - ugh!

My son said to me as I helped him on with his tights

Let me explain. Today is the ‘Percent’(père cent). One hundred days before the start of the baccalaureate exams. The tradition is that the lycéens in their final year dress up and roam the streets asking for money. They used to throw eggs and flour but that has died out mainly, I hope. One town has banned the practise. Everywhere the hundred days is marked in some special way. You may ask what they do with all the money they collect. They go out and have a good time. Tomorrow serious revision starts – some hopes.

Olivier has gone out dressed as Little Red Riding Hood. (The same costume Dom had for her Percent – I have a sneaking suspicion that he hasn’t asked if he can borrow it yet). He went out and bought a lovely blonde wig with plaits and has borrowed a pair of tights to complete the outfit. I just checked, he forgot his lipstick.

Anyway there we were at 6.30 this morning struggling to put on a pair of tights; he hates them. Rob and I took him to his destination. A certain set of traffic lights. Very popular, some groups camp out all night to bag the busiest lights. There were already some young people out and we gave a few coins to two groups. The costumes are always very well done, in the past I’ve seen chickens, cows, Where’s Wally, ladybirds, clowns and so on. Operating scrubs are very popular. They are all very polite, if you haven’t got any change to give they thank you nicely and wish you good day.

He received his voting card today ‘sniff’.


Donna said...

Hahahaa...This sounds like FUN!! Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

Anonymous said...

It sounds grand except for the tights! I AM a woman & I don't care for them~Mary

Dru Marland said...

At Katie's school they were allowed to dress up as literary characters last week, for National Book Day. She went as a manga character. Apparently there was a terrifically good Pippi Longstocking, and I am sure I saw either Heidi or Little Red Riding Hood walking to school. Mostly a dull-looking lot, though. Perhaps young teens are too cool to go with gusto. I guess Olivier is not. Good show!

Anji said...

Donna: ...and he enjoyed himself until 7 o'clock this morning. He came in just as I got up.

Mary: I don't like tights at all

Dru: I'm always amazed at how people around here dress up. Olivier was with a cow, complete with udders and a speed camera radar thingy.

Has Katie started to watch mangas in Japanese yet?

I was pleased that Olivier feels man enough to wear what he wanted without feeling uncomfortable about it. If you see what I mean.

Dru Marland said...

I see exactly what you mean. That's good.

Debbie K said...

Hi Anji
I am so glad for you & Oliver that he is comfortable with his maleness.
With such a charming Mum you could easily understand him wanting to be just like his Mum!
Take care

Anji said...

Debbie: I'm not so sure he thinks of me as a charming mum, but we do get along reasonably well.